Coffee society

As though it has been all planned out: Drink coffee. Get the kids prepped for school. Run to work. Get coffee. Work work work. Get coffee. Work some more. Run to get the kids. Homework. Supper. Bedtime routine. Housework. Sleep not enough. Wake up. Drink coffee. 

We have managed to build a society that runs on false stimulation. Most people need to work. They wouldn’t be able to survive otherwise; unless they were self-sufficient. Maybe little self-managed farms could do the trick, but then income levels would go low, consumption would reduce, and GDP would drop. Traditional economists would not like that.

So we work most of the hours of our lives on jobs that do not necessarily inspire us all. If we could, we rather be spending more time with our family, with our children. There is something to be said about the fact that as of the age of 4 or 5, and to most, even as of 1, children spend most of their time with strangers. They are strangers to us, but definitely not to our kids any longer.

Yet, we expect our kids to listen to us, their parents. We expect them to behave in ways we are not around enough to show them. Instead, we work to get them to live in good standards, study in good schools and grow up in good neighbourhoods. We tire ourselves and they get tired out until the end of the day, when we meet again, and have close to no energy left to be patient, creative, or inspiring. And to survive it all, we drink coffee.

We perform better at work because of it, find more patience with our kids because of it, and get the energy to finally do the things we enjoy doing because of it, even though our body is dead tired after all the work we have completed and all the sleep we are lacking. A society run on coffee – that’s what we have managed to build.





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